Vintage Secretariat in Distress

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A beautiful piece of furniture, this Vintage Secretariat has all the bells and whistles. Hand carved details, locking desk panel and doors, and the virtually indestructible “dove tail” type drawer joints for lasting durability. The condition is in need of a little TLC, including some light refinishing on the front panel, and especially some skilled reworking of the flower motif wooden cutouts, which overlay the elliptical glass. These delicate overlays were made from 3 layers of veneer which have become partially separated and chipped away over time. It is possible to re-create them, by removing the glass and using the damaged elements as templates to create replacements, but certainly would require some skilled attention. All things considered though, this highly ornate and well made piece would be well worth the trouble. Got Skillz, or have a friend who does? If so, this piece could represent a very satisfying restoration!

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28 inches wide, 17 inches deep, and 77 inches high.


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