Russet Brown Amherst Book Case


Typical Listing for the Amherst Book Case from Simpli Home will set you back just short of $300, but this is not a typical listing! This charming cabinet features 5 shelves distributed over nearly 6 vertical feet resulting in a ton of space with a very tidy footprint! Pre-assembled for your convenience, and priced so low you almost can’t afford not to get it, this awesome cabinet can be yours today, guaranteed in-stock, from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore online!

This unit had apparent trouble during shipping, which is likely the reason it was relegated to overstock and ultimately donation. Long story short: the back skin had been punched through, and while the defect has been stabilized and relegated to barely visible beneath the bottom shelf, we’ve knocked a little extra off our already deep discount, making this an even better value! Check the gallery for a look.

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30" wide, 14" deep, 70" high