Polished Bronze Console Table


The Polished Bronze Console Table, from Phillips Collection. This cast resin, root form console perfectly duplicates the look and feel of genuine bronze, but at a fraction of the weight, and expense! The polished surfaces juxtaposed with natural wood textures are a dynamic visual combination, and the result is as elegant as it is monumental. This unique and beautiful piece normally retails for almost $4000, and is in pretty much perfect condition. The console is finished on both sides, making it functional against clear glass, or for use as a room divider.

Please see below for additional information regarding size, weight, and hauling recommendations

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Additional information


80.5"long, 32"high, 14.25"deep

Weight and Hauling

This piece is quite heavy, on par with a large refrigerator, and should be handled with care. We will have it on a pallet, laying on it's back, and recommend a large pickup or van for transportation. Forklift loading is available.


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