New Draper Mid-Century TV Media Stand


This Draper Mid-Century TV Media Stand from Simpli Home is a real looker! The pure-as-the -driven-snow white finish compliments the clean, mid-century aesthetic perfectly, and the low profile design offers loads of useful space inside and out. A great pedestal for flat TV’s up to 65 inches, or use as an accent storage cabinet in your living room, great room, or bedroom. Brand new list for this beautiful piece of cabinetry is a whopping $749, and while you can find it on sale for a little under $400, we’ve got that beat by a mile – assembly included! Use this beauty as-is, or consider it primed for the color (or colors!) of your choice, Check the gallery photos for a couple minor scuffs which would benefit from such ‘customization’, and be assured that the price has been made even more attractive as a result!.

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60" wide, 18" deep, 26" high