Gorgeous Vintage Vanity


Check out this very cool Vintage Vanity! A really gorgeous piece of fine woodworking which pretty much blows the lid off the charming meter with it’s bell curved tri-fold mirror, tastefully appointed woodworking details, dovetail drawer joints and beautifully matched cast metal pulls! With plenty of evidence of being well loved over many years, the ‘distressed’ look is definitely in play here and carries a kind of charm that only time can create. One notable result of that journey is a partially missing pull on the lower left drawer, as is featured in the gallery photos. The drawer still opens easily enough, but this little piece of history would be well worth a little effort to find a matching replacement. On the other hand, it could just as easily serve as-is, proudly wearing the scars of a long and useful life and leaving you wondering about the stories it could tell… Enjoy a great price for this rare item from the ReStore online and decide for yourself whether to refurbish, or simply revere!

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Overall dimensions: 48" wide, 68" high, 20" deep