Framed Authentic Original PDX Carpet


Collectors take heed! This is the real deal, the genuine article, the PDX Carpet which has become so iconic as to have launched multiple product lines and inspired the Portland Airport to feature a limited revival! This original textile is becoming increasingly rare, aka valuable, and the ReStore online happens to have a sizable supply which will be featured in a variety of framed sizes for the foreseeable future. Check back often to find offerings ranging from intimate and affordable to investment worthy, plus the strong possibility of some one-off crafty keepsakes and gift items. What a great way to support local Habitat for Humanity homebuilding programs – with a memento which has become practically synonymous with the region!

During a previous, limited release of this material we received a customer query about whether it had been cleaned, and the answer was an emphatic no! Other than a thorough vacuuming, these samples retain all the evidence from years of comings and goings by people from all over the world, underscoring their authenticity and subsequent value!

This cut is a modest size and well within the ‘affordable’ range while still featuring the iconic motif. Pricing is per square inch at a rate of 50 cents, and this 14 by 16 version comes in at 224 total (no extra charge for the frame!). Perfect for a splash of regional pride in just about any room of your home or office!

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11" wide by 16" high