Cool and Unusual Dining Set


Like the title says, this Dining Set is both cool and unusual! The bases for the table and benches are made from heavy gauge welded steel, and their respective tops are thick hardwood panels. The 2 chairs may or may not have originated with the set, but were included with this acquisition, and are therefore part of this offering. The tabletop panel has an interior split, as can be seen in the gallery images, but is not affected structurally by the defect. The price, on the other hand, has been tailored to the low end as a result. These items would make a nice dining group for a small family, but could just as easily be used as a work table for arts and crafts. Whatever the purpose, a solid and good looking set at a very good value, from your friends at the ReStore!

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Table: 48"x32" top, 30.5"high
Benches: 40.4"long, 16"wide, 18"high


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