Charming Connaught Storage Bench


We receive a wide variety of this item type with our weekly Simpli Home hauls, but this Connaught Storage Bench is a real standout! The Dark Chestnut Brown finish is a particularly nice choice for the beautifully understated design, and this piece easily qualifies as well worth they typical $350-$400 you’d be paying anywhere else! Luckily you’re shopping the ReStore today, where not only does your purchase help support affordable housing, but you’ll be paying a fraction of the above for this fully assembled, objectively gorgeous item!

This build is rock solid and the only real blemish is in a very low-viz area on the inside, as shown in the last gallery photo. An arguably minor issue, but we still knocked off a couple extra Hamiltons, making this an even sweeter deal!

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51" wide, 18" deep, 21" high