8″x76″ Grizzly Jointer


For professionals and hobbyist woodworkers alike, you can’t go wrong with the exceptional value of the G0490X 8″ x 76″ Grizzly Jointer, with parallelogram tables and 4-row spiral cutterhead. With the spiral cutterhead, dealing with dull or nicked edges is as easy as loosening screws and turning any of the 40 carbide inserts to a fresh edge. This process will reduce tearout and save you time over sharpening and resetting straight knives like a traditional jointer cutterhead requires. This parallelogram jointer features an infeed table over 43″ that is helpful for surfacing longer stock. With the parallelogram table setup, the four points of contact allow for easy adjustment of each table for perfect alignment.

Note: The fence on this unit is not exactly parallel to the bed, which is presumably correctable by anyone with the knowledge and experience to be interested. There is no apparent damage, and this may have simply been an assembly error. At the end of the day, the tool is fully functional as-is, and available for nearly half of what you would pay anywhere else!

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